Nassau Shores Civic Association - Minutes of the February 16, 2022 General Meeting

President John Guerriero called the meeting to order at 8:12 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He called for a moment of silence for those serving in the armed services, first responders and health care workers.  He introduced the Board of the Association and members of Committees. 

The scheduled policeman guest speaker was unable to attend because he was involved with a catastrophic fire on Sunrise Highway in Rockville Centre.

President Guerriero briefed the meeting on Governor Hochul’s announced Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) initiative which would have required local governments to accept an expansion of apartments and backyard cottages as a way to combat a statewide crisis in affordable housing.  Many State politicians, Including Senator Brooks, were strongly against the program.  [Note:  the ADU Program was subsequently withdrawn.]

Update on the golf course: owners had approved a sale of the golf course to private owners for $4.4 million. One option considered was to turn the property on the 7th and 8th holes into condominiums and the rest would be converted into an Executive Golf Course.  Town of Oyster Bay took land by eminent domain.  The Association supported the Town’s position.

Update on the drainage project: The State is funding with “Sandy Funds.”  The project was delayed after the 18” snow re received.  The project foreman projected completion by the end of March 2022 and repaving compete by the end of April.  The schedule can be impacted by the tide cycles.  One complaint concerned “unseemly” patching” of South Bay Drive.  Another dealt with East Shore Drive where the patching of the road bed causes motorists to move out of their lane to avoid the rough road conditions. President Guerriero invited residents to submit comments and/or complaints to the Association.

President Guerriero thanked the addition of twelve new sponsors, including Matthews Prime Foods wholesale meats vendor which provides hamburger meat to All American!  Cathy Ciavarella and Silvia Jungen of Signature Premier Properties were interested in working with the Association to plan an adult event such as a wine tasting.

The Treasurer’s Report prepared by Nadia Cooblall showed $11,815.00 in the General Fund and $15,290.00 in the Pillars Fund.

Beautification:  Sue Mullan discussed the upcoming Earth Day celebration to include the cleanup of the Bayfront Park and Cedar Drive.  Students participating will receive Community Service credits.  She asked for ideas from the residents for additional Spring projects.

Events:  Rich Milano discussed the Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year the Association placed eggs in over 160 homes because the Bay Front egg hunt was cancelled because of COVID restrictions.  The home initiative will be repeated this year.  Planning is under way to have adult events this year.

The Tide:  Gloria Kraemer, the Tide Editor, announced the next issue will be available shortly.  President Guerriero thanked Gloria for all of her hard work.  They asked for ideas/commitments for new advertisers.  The printing costs continue to escalate.

Vice President Michael Dell’Anno discussed the importance of maintaining our community islands.  Current contacts for those participating need to be updated.  Those “assigned” to an island need to keep up the maintenance.  Should a volunteer no longer be able to take care of their assigned island, let Mike Know.  He will arrange to recruit another volunteer to take over.

Discussion on the status of private versus public sanitation pickup addressed the current contract with Winter Brothers.  The company wanted to increase its rates starting this November.  Negotiations are underway through a TOB bidding process.  The Association will continue to monitor the issue to determine the best economic options for the community.

Concerning the application to permit 5G Towers, the Association fought and won the application denial.  However, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is converting to 5G so it may eventually happen.

President Guerriero advised those in attendance that there has been an increase in vehicle attempted and completed vehicle thefts in the area.  Complaints have been made to the police.  Detective squads out of Mineola have not been following up.  He strongly advised each of us to lock your vehicles and take the keys with you.  Try not to park on the street if possible.  New technologies have the capability to tap into started fobs from 10 feet to 20 feet so don’t just leave your keys hanging near your door.  A question was posed about the need to hire a private security firm for the Shores.  Unfortunately, the Association does not have the funds for that.  President Guerriero again asked residents and guests to stop at Stop signs and especially to not fail to stop when school buses are boarding/deboarding children.

The next meeting of he Association is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th starting at 8:00 PM.

President Guerriero adjourned the meeting at 9:40pm.