Junior Civic Membership Spotlight for Winter 2019:

Nassau Shores, please let me introduce you to Emily and Ashley Miller.  Emily, 13, is applying to be a member of the National Junior Honor Society and currently an 8th Grader at Berner Middle School.  Ashley, 10, is a 5th Grader at Unqua Elementary School.  When these girls heard about the Junior Civic Association, they wanted to participate to help create special memories for local families.

At the beginning of October 2019, Emily and her mom Jessica reached out to the Civic Association.  Emily expressed her and her sister's interest in joining the Junior Civic Association.  It seemed like a great way to participate in community service - and doing so in their own neighborhood made it even more special.  The NSCA suggested a great way to get involved right away would be as volunteers at our annual Pumpkin Patch.  This would give the girls some exposure on how these events are put on from setup through shutdown.  They were all in!

The morning of the Patch was pretty chaotic as it always is during crunch time before an event.  Emily and Ashley showed up early with mom and dad, eager to embrace their role at the Patch.  They would be running the pumpkin painting station.  The NSCA team explained to them what they would be doing at the event and the girls took it from there.  Both girls arrived with confident "self starter" attitudes.  They began setting up the station, helping the younger residents paint pumpkins, managing the pumpkins for everyone while they dried, cleaned and closed the station down.  Additionally, they stayed long after the event concluded, helping with other breakdown and cleanup tasks still to be completed.  The Miller girls executed a flawless start to finish performance at their first event.

A few weeks after the event, Emily reached out again asking to participate in our annual Holiday Tree Lighting.  You might have met  them on or around the show mobile stage as they volunteered to be on the stage safety team.  We cannot thank them enough for their contributions!

These girls are exemplifying what it takes to be leaders and anchors for the Junior Civic Association!  We look forward to having them participate in future events! 

Way to go Emily and Ashley!!!!!!!!!!

​Junior Civic Membership

Welcome to the Nassau Shores Civic Association Junior Civic membership page.  Membership has its privileges.

Do you want to make a difference in your community?  The NSCA Junior Civic members can earn community service hours while contributing to causes, volunteering in the neighborhood or working on a special project that helps everybody in the community.

In addition to the community service hours, two members will have a half page article in the tide showcasing their contributions and here on our website.  

If you are interested in joining us, please email NCSA @ info@nassaushorescivic.org