Andrew Artese 

The combined families intend to have their children help maintain and plant throughout the year as the seasons change. 

The Nassau Shores Civic Association thank you for your time invested and hard work transforming this island!  What a great contribution to our community!  

‚ÄčIsland Adoption in the Shores

Ian Kahn and Ciaran Tyrrell

For those of you who love to see our islands well maintained, take a look at this transformation.


The island at the intersection of Leewater Avenue and South Bay Drive was neglected for almost 2 years.  As a result the Civic Association had to find a new foster family.


Nassau Shores, please let me introduce you to the "Leewater Landscapers".  The Kahn, Tyrrell and Artese families combined their efforts to clean up the island and give us some new seasonal plantings including pumpkins.