Pillar Reconstruction Project Progress

This is a sample of natural stone veneer with a bluestone cap.
If the stone sample above is your preference, click this link and choose choice B.

Our new pillars will be about the same height and width of our existing pillars. The samples below are for material selection only. The Nassau Shores plaques will be polished and placed on the new pillars, and our seahorses will be repaired and placed atop bluestone cap.

Which New Pillar Style do You Prefer?

This is a sample of Sigma 8 rock faced wall with a bluestone cap.

If the stone sample above is your preference, click this line and choose choice A.

As  you should all know by now, the Civic Association is working on replacing our aging pillars with a fresh modern look. We have been collecting donations and will continue to do so as we move into the planning phase of the project. If you have not yet donated, or would like to contribute some more, please visit our Membership page to donate with your credit card or send a check to:

Nassau Shores Civic Association

Post Office Box 171

Massapequa, NY 11758

If you have been attending our General Meetings or reading The Tide, you already know that Nassau Shores resident Michael Masone of Masone Masonry has pledged to have his crew construct the new pillars. We will be reusing the Nassau Shores plaques and refurbishing our trademark seahorses. Any volunteers?

If you think this project is not worthwhile, stop by one of the existing pillars and take a look at its condition.The bricks are cracking and mortar is eroding. The plaques are in need of polishing. The seahorses are crumbling.