Pillar Reconstruction Project Progress

As you should all know by now, the Nassau Shores Civic Association is working on replacing our aging pillars with a fresh look. We have been collecting donations and will continue to do so as we move into the planning phase of the project. Our budgeted goal of raising $40,000 is getting there.  As of April 19th 2022 donations are at $15,290.00.  Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, we will be putting a focus on fundraising.  Due to the inflationary cost uplifts we have targeted a larger goal of $40,000.00.


We at the Civic Association are excited to announce that the process of selecting a design for the new entrance pillars is almost complete. On behalf of the Nassau Shores Civic Association, we thank all the individuals, families, and local businesses who have contributed to this effort. We have decided to utilize the existing pillars as part of the redesign process. We have narrowed down the choices to two possibilities and now want to hear from the neighborhood.

The first option is to maintain the existing brick façade. This would involve the grinding and removal of existing joints, an extensive power-washing, re-pointing of the existing bricks, and the installation of a new bluestone cap on each pillar. Finally, the existing plaques and seahorses will be replaced with brand new ones. The first photo is the existing brick pillar.

The second option is to modernize the look of the pillars. We would attach alpine ledgestone veneer to the exteriors of the pillars, giving it a distinct and unique look compared to the aging pillars in other communities that line Merrick Road. We would again install bluestone caps on each pillar, and replace the existing plaques and seahorses with new ones. This design would also better withstand weather conditions over the years. The second photo is an example of the alpine ledgestone veneer.

We wanted to present both options to the community prior to scheduling a special meeting of the Civic Association. It is then our intent to open up voting for all current dues-paying members of the Civic Association to choose the design. We expect and insist that the dialogue concerning this be passionate, yet civil and respectful. We are excited to move forward with the process, and we again thank everyone in Nassau Shores for their patience, ideas, and contributions toward this effort.

If you have not yet donated, or would like to contribute some more, please visit our Membership page to donate with your credit card or send a check to:

Nassau Shores Civic Association

Post Office Box 171

Massapequa, NY 11758

If you don't think this is a worthwhile project, stop by one of the existing pillars and take a look at its condition. The bricks are cracking and mortar is eroding. The plaques are in need of polishing. The seahorses are crumbling.